About Us

Habits are more likely to stick if we make them attractive (according to the bestselling book Atomic Habits).

And that's exactly what we want to facilitate at Vantage Agendas.

Planning and organisation can be life altering, if only you are able to stick with it and find a way that works for you. It shouldn't be cumbersome. It should make your day quicker and more efficient- not simply be another task.

And whilst it's true that the gilt edges, hot foiling and thick luxurious paper won't make those changes happen for you... they just might help tempt you into another few moments of consideration... and that really can make all the difference. 

Our aim at Vantage Agendas is to make exquisite pieces in keeping with the most opulent brands.

Using the same machinery as brands such as Bvlgari, and foils such as Mulberry to hand produce some of our products here at our Cheshire Studio.

We aim to deliver impeccable customer service with most items leaving the studio on the same day as the order is placed. Personalised pieces can take a little longer.

Luxury should be excessive and indulgent and those are the qualities we hope to bring to our pieces.

As time goes on we hope to grow our personalisation portfolio for those looking to truly have something special and unique.