The Chanel Pouch

The Chanel Pouch

So pouches are one of those things that if you're into 'luxury' you end up buying a few of- for no really valid reason.

Maybe you've looked at too many luxury instagrammers immaculately curated 'what's in my bags'. Maybe you need your luxury fix and these are more affordable than a lot of other pieces. Maybe you have aspirations to walk down the street carrying said pouch neatly under one arm instead of a bag- when your reality is you require a cheap sporty backpack so your hands are free to keep hold of your children/coffee/Subway sandwich and a pouch is simply impractical.


Yet still... I recommend the Chanel pouch. Why? Because it's unnecessarily fabulous and for the uninitiated this is the only requirement for something to be deemed a luxury.

At £1,140 this might appear at first glance expensive- and it is. But it's a relatively affordable Chanel piece (I'm sad to say) that hovers between the categories of small leather good and bag.

I picked mine up in Paris- and it's worth noting that this did come from the Rue Cambon flagship store in the beautiful white boxes it is known for... and that for many years I aspired to own... and is now used to house the spare cardboard for Vantage.... so totally worth it.

Chanel pouch overlying white Rue Cambon box.


It has the iconic black quilted leather in either lambskin and caviar. I elected for the latter owing to my penchant for accidentally dropping/scratching/coating in ketchup some of my most treasured possessions.

The lining is burgundy and it has the Mona Lisa pocket just like the classic flap bags. It also has the little 'cc' inclusion on the zip and an interior zipped pocket.

A little too large to fit inside anything other than a large tote, this pouch is designed to be worn as a piece in it's own right... rendering it quite impractical.

Yet still, for £1.140 I will preserve.

I use mine as a decorative piece in my studio, a cover for my 13 inch MacBook, a hold all for my agenda with all of it's accessories when I frequent a coffee house and occasionally as a pouch for my belongings when I do my 'big shop' at M&S.

Do you need it? Of course not. It's ridiculous but that's what also makes it wonderful. 

White Chanel carrier bag from the Paris Rue Cambon store

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