The Problem With Setting Goals

It's so common to set a goal and then decide you'll be happy once you reach that point. 

But that doesn't tend to be how goals work.

Believe it or not, achieving even the biggest goals can sometimes be something of an anti climax and it's not uncommon to speak to someone who has just completed their life goal of setting up a multimillion pound business who now feels a bit flat.

Because in the end it wasn't the goal they were really after. It was the journey to that goal.

Those people who set up goals with more focus on the process of how they're going to achieve it than the goal itself are much more likely to succeed. 

Those who can take pleasure in the actions that it takes to reach a point, are much more likely to get there than those who focus only on the spot to which they are headed. 

This can sometimes be the problem with manifestation. I same sometimes- as manifestation does work for some people. And to each their own! But for others the focus on the goal can sometimes supersede the important need for focus on the path to actually achieve it.


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