Which Louis Vuitton Agenda Should You Buy?

Which Louis Vuitton Agenda Should You Buy?

 Buy all three. Do it. If you can. To say anything else on my part would be disingenuous... because that's exactly what I did. But maybe you have more perspective, financial savvy and balance in life in which case you might just want to elect for one or two of these beautiful pieces. 

I'll be honest. My most used piece of the three is absolutely the large. The huge page size and big rings allow me to make my daily routine into something novelistic. Not to mention the flexibility to use it for planning, journaling, record keeping and useless but pretty decoration.

But that's not to say I don't use the other two. The small is particularly adorable and is definitely a cute and functional addition to any insta-fabulous handbag interior. 

So how do you decide? It depends on what you want it for... don't tell yourself you need it. No one needs to spend this money on a planner cover. So now we've established this is a hedonistic spend continue doing whatever it is that you really want to do... within your financial constraints. So...

The large size, formerly the GM (grande) fits A5 size inserts. Cost £585

The medium, formerly the MM, fits personal size inserts. Cost £465

The small, formerly the PM (petite) fits pocket size inserts. Cost £290


Louis Vuitton recently revised the nomenclature for the sizing away from the traditional French letters.... but we won't hold that against them.


So if you've still trying to decide which you want the most then consider if you would like to carry this around with you all day, or simply keep it at home. You might wonder why some would spend this much if not to flaunt it to as many people as possible- in which case you're looking at the small or medium. Though some people do buy this for their own personal enjoyment (or are prepared to carry it around no matter what) - in which case I'd elect for the large. 

That's not to say the large size won't fit in a bag. If you have a tote bag such as a Neverfull or a Goyard St Louis you absolutely can still fit this inside, but the question then is would you want to. Whilst not overly 'large' with inserts it can be incredibly heavy... so putting this inside a birkin bag would likely give you better upper body definition than hours in the gym.

I do take my large out and about with me. Only a year or so ago I remember taking it with me to Nando's... yes, I have a glamorous life- and the waitress spent a good amount of time discussing whether or not I thought it was a good buy.



But enough of my opinions, let's get back to some facts.

And all three agenda covers have a few things in common:

- Gold Press stud closure. Do note, even though this is a metal press stud, the colour fades and scratches over time. If you've ever bought an LV piece with a leather coated button you'll know the hardship of watching it wear off... it's not that bad. But the gold does give way to silver. I like to view this as evidence of my dedication to organisation... particularly important in moments when you're totally disorganised.

- 6 rings inside. The spacing of these varies with size. The rings are tiny in the small. So tiny. Don't expect to get a lot of those tiny pages inside at any one point. But they are much more generous on the medium and large.

- Pen loop. Again, this seems more decorative than functional on the small size unless you have some way of withering your stylus to it's wick. The pen loop is so narrow that somehow I felt personally offended by it as though even my pens were plump. Very little fits inside there... I remind myself. Unlike many more affordable, but functional, planner pen loops this is made from unforgiving leather in it's entirety. There's no sneaky elastic here. But the pen loops on the medium and large are much more inclusive. 

- And if you elect for a canvas version then all of them have a hardy leather interior that whilst not impervious to denting from the planner's own rings, is pretty scratch resistant.



The most important thing when you buy an agenda is that you buy the one you love the most. Because, as I say, you don't NEED any of them. And if you're drawn to one more than the other for no really understandable reason then that is more than enough justification to go with that one.


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