SECONDS Small Weekly Undated Pages ( Pocket / PM)


This is a listing for the SECONDS version of these pages which means there are small faults with the product.

These 120gsm luxury thick paper inserts have hand-gilded rose gold edges and foil detailing on every page. The design, minimalist but with a luxury finish, is designed to be versatile to your planning needs.

- 6 hole punched

- Suitable for an pocket/ small / PM sized planner ( Filofax , Louis Vuitton etc)

- Each set comes with 26 pages which are identical (though the foiling may differ slightly as it is hand-applied).

On one side of the page there is an undated week and on the other there is lined paper.

All of our inserts are designed so that they can be slotted anywhere into an agenda set up without the need to have all of the same insert back-to-back.

These inserts can be used continuously or slotted between the monthly inserts or note pages- or other inserts of your choosing.

The layouts are designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

These inserts are undated.

As all of our foiling is applied by hand some variability and irregularity is to be expected and is not a fault but characteristic of this process.

If you like the inserts but are looking for something more affordable- why not try out our seconds selection: