Small Notes Pages (Pocket / PM)



Perfect for the Louis Vuitton PM (small agenda) or similar...

These inserts are printed on thick, luxurious and bright paper. All four edges of each leaf are gilt on all four edges, and either side adorned with the VA insignia.
6 ring hole punched. 120gsm thick paper.

Hand-foiled on each page.

Each set comes with 20 pages which are identical (though the foiling may differ slightly as it is hand-applied).

Both sides of each pages are lined for notes and have a grey banner across the top into which a title can be entered if desired.

All of our inserts are designed so that they can be slotted anywhere into an agenda set- up without the need to have all of the same insert back-to-back.

These inserts can be used continuously or slotted between the monthly or weekly inserts - or other inserts of your choosing.

The layouts are designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use.